Approved Fish Names

Scientific, New Zealand Common, Maori, and Foreign Common Names of New Zealand Commercial Fish Species

This section contains details of operators, businesses and persons that are registered, approved or listed under laws administered by MPI.

It also includes some lists not associated with or endorsed by MPI. These are provided for your convenience, and this will noted on the actual list.

The list of fish names is presented in PDF and RTF to allow the search functions of the respective documents to be used.

The introduction provides a background on fish names. It provides for the acceptance of new foreign names by MPI, and the possibility of limited discretion on the part of verifiers to allow some foreign names not listed to be used. Conditions and procedures for these will be published in due course, in the interim all foreign names not appearing in the attached lists must be sent to MPI Standards Group, via NZFSA VA, for approval prior to use.

The introduction contains information regarding the use of New Zealand common names, for certification and labelling of new commercial species, of species that do not appear in the MPI approved list but are on the MFish website. There is a degree of commercial risk in applying this provision, since it is possible the MPI approved fish names list will approve a different common name for the species than what is on the MFish website.

If you wish to add or change a name follow the procedure; Procedures for Selecting NZ Common Fish Names and Approved Foreign Names.

Introduction (19 KB PDF)

Approved Fish Names List (124 KB PDF)