Proposals for continuing to legally provide for farm gate sales of raw drinking milk

MPI periodically asks for feedback on food safety issues that affect consumers and the food industry. You can make a submission (by post, email or fax) before the closing date. MPI analyses all submissions and considers how they might be included in final decisions.

MPI consulted on the requirements that allow dairy farmers to sell limited quantities of raw (unpasteurised) drinking milk from their dairy premises direct to consumers. These sales are commonly referred to as farm gate sales. Approximately 1685 submissions were received. On 12 December 2012 the Food Safety Minister agreed to continue to allow farm gate sales of raw milk and that the amount that can be purchased is likely to increase in the future. The Minister also agreed that farmers will be exempt from the current requirement to have a Risk Management Programme for farm gate sales of raw milk and will instead need to adhere to certain animal health and hygiene requirements. The Minister has also asked MPI to undertake further scientific and policy work to investigate increasing the limit that consumers can purchase and whether raw milk can be sold off the farm in a way that balances managing the risks to public health with consumer choice. This work will include a scientific risk analysis which will inform any increase in daily limits and the necessity or otherwise of a maximum daily distribution limit for farmers. MPI will also look at how consumers can be provided with information on risks associated with raw drinking milk at the point of sale so they are able to make an informed choice when they purchase raw drinking milk. MPI will consult on any new regulatory proposals relating to the production and sale of raw drinking milk, including the animal health and hygiene requirements, any limits on the quantity that can be purchased and sold and any proposals for sales of raw milk outside of the farm. In the interim, the current restrictions apply and if people wish to consume raw milk they can buy up to 5 litres of raw milk from the farm gate for their own personal use or to provide to their family to consume. Information on safe food practices in relation to raw drinking milk can be found at:


Closing Date: 5/11/2011

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