Listeria concern prompts precautionary cheese recall

Thursday 25 January

The Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) is overseeing the recall of imported cheeses from an Australian manufacturer whose products have caused an outbreak of the illness listeriosis in Australia.

The recall is of potentially contaminated Jindi and Old Telegraph Road brand cheeses with a variety of best before dates and batch codes that have been sold through four specialty food stores and supermarkets in Wellington and Auckland.

For further specific information about the recalled products go to MPI’s website:

Recalled food products: ‘Jindi’ Brand Cheese

“This is a precautionary recall. MPI wants to ensure potentially unsafe food is not available for sale and that people do not eat any of the recalled products they may have bought already,” MPI Manager Food and Beverage Glen Neal says.

Anyone who has bought the recalled products is advised not to eat them. People should return them to where they bought them for a refund, or dispose of them via the normal household rubbish.

“If anyone is concerned about their health, they should seek medical advice,” Mr Neal says.

Some people face a greater risk from Listeria than others, including those who are pregnant, very young, old or immuno-compromised.

Further information for people at-risk from Listeria is available on MPI’s website at:

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