If you wish to slaughter and dress poultry, you must operate under the Animal Products Act 1999. This requires you to have a registered risk management programme to ensure that your products will be "fit for purpose" by managing hazards and other risk factors. Refer to Risk Management Programmes (RMPs)

You will also have to comply with a number of other specifications under the Animal Products Act. Refer to Animal products - legislation

If you wish to process poultry which has already been slaughtered and dressed you can:

  1. operate under a registered Risk Management Programme, or
  2. operate under the Food Hygiene Regulations, or
  3. apply for an exemption from the Food Hygiene Regulations and operate under an approved Food Safety Programme (FSPs)

This code is considered to be guidance material for those operating under option b) or c) above. Risk management programmes are expected to refer to, or align with the Code of Practice unless an alternative has been approved in the registered risk management programme.