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Contact details

If you have any questions, contact us. Your query will be forwarded to the right person. If possible, please use email.

Tel: 04 894 2550
Fax: 04 894 2566
Email: approvals@mpi.govt.nz

Why and how ACVM products are regulated in New Zealand

Using or misusing agricultural compounds (see definition below) can cause serious problems in areas ranging from human health to international trade. For this reason, these products have controls on their importation, manufacture, sale and use.

Regulatory control focuses on avoiding or minimising these problems.

The basic Government policy is to impose control that is ‘necessary and sufficient’ to manage risks while avoiding unnecessary costs of compliance. Several government ‘departments’ are involved in this control. For more about this, read

Regulatory control of agricultural compounds in New Zealand (59 KB PDF)

FAQs: ACVM beginners (56 KB PDF)

FAQs: ACVM for consumers (52 KB PDF)

FAQs: Regulation under the ACVM Act (58 KB PDF)

Definition of agricultural compound

The legal definition of an agricultural compound, as stated in the ACVM Act, is:

... any substance, mixture of substances, or biological compound, used or intended for use in the direct management of plants and animals, or to be applied to the land, place, or water on or in which the plants and animals are managed, for the purposes of:

  1. managing or eradicating pests, including vertebrate pests; or
  2. maintaining, promoting, or regulating plant or animal productivity and performance or reproduction; or
  3. fulfilling special nutritional requirements; or
  4. the manipulation, capture, or immobilisation of animals; or
  5. diagnosing the condition of animals; or
  6. preventing or treating conditions of animals; or
  7. enhancing the effectiveness of an agricultural compound used for the treatment of plants and animals; or
  8. marking animals; and includes
    1. any veterinary medicine, substance, mixture of substances, or biological compound used for post-harvest pest control or disinfestation of raw primary produce;
    2. anything used or intended to be used as feed for animals; and
    3. and any substance, mixture of substances, or biological compound declared to be an agricultural compound for the purposes of this Act by Order in Council made under subsection (2)

The Approvals & ACVM Group

We are responsible for issuing approvals under several pieces of legislation:

  • Agricultural Compounds and Veterinary Medicines (ACVM) Act 1997
  • Animal Products Act 1999
  • Food Act 2014
  • Wine Act 2003.

For more about this, read the "Approvals & ACVM Group" in the menu to the left.