Free sale certificates (FSCs) and advice statements (FSASs)

If you export food products which are not of animal origin, you may need an FSC or an FSAS. Some dairy products also require product registration certificates.

Free sale certificates

FSCs are consignment-based documents provided to facilitate trade in markets that require a statement about the safety and suitability of the food and food-related products you are exporting. The importer in the destination country is able to tell you if an FSC is required.

Applying for an FSC

You can apply to MPI for an FSC using Form MP09. Your FSC is signed by an authorised person before it becomes valid. You can find a list of authorised persons below.

MP09 – Application for a Free Sale Certificate (209 KB DOC)

Before MPI can issue an FSC, you need to provide a declaration confirming that the products meet all applicable standards for food safety and suitability. You can do this by completing the following form.

Manufacturer's Declaration to Support Free Sale Certification (424 KB DOC)

Manufacturer's Declaration to Support Free Sale Certification for Wine Products containing Gold Leaf (176 KB DOC)

New Client Registration

If you need a manual export certificate (Free Sale, Product Registration, Free Sale Advice Notice, RMP status, Premises Registration, Organic, Grade etc), then you must first register with MPI's Dairy Certification Unit. Complete Form MP10 and forward it to MPI. You can get further information by emailing

MP10 – Certification Unit New Client Registration – Application Form (59 KB DOC)

Free sale advice statements

If a destination market requires food products to be registered, you can apply for an FSAS to facilitate trade in that market. FSASs exclude wine and animal products not exempt under clause 17 of the Animal Products (Exemption and Inclusions) Order 2000.

New Zealand Legislation: Animal Products (Exemptions and Inclusions) Order 2000 (External website)

Applying for an FSAS

You can use link below to apply for an FSAS. You need to complete a form and there is also guidance to help you complete it. You may need to provide supporting documentation such as your registration under the Food Hygiene Regulations 1974 or the exemption for your Food Safety Programme. Forward your completed application to MPI using the Free sales applications email address in the panel at the right.

Free Sale Advice Statement – application form