For Your Information F1-07: Carton Seals

New Zealand Food Safety Authority
Date: 19 April 2007
From: Greg Zemke-Smith – Senior Programme Manager (Export Standards)

1 Carton Seal Formats

1.1 There are currently three approved manufacturers of carton seals listed on the NZFSA Register of MAF Devices. The carton seals produced by each manufacturer are approved for use on transportation outers of export animal products for human consumption.

1.2 There are now two carton seal formats:

the traditional adhesive strip (range 125mm -155mm x 46mm – 55mm), used in addition to strapping, taping or gluing for the closure of transportation outers; this format of seal is produced by Hally Labels Limited, and Globe Printing;

a new adhesive tape which can be used as the sole method of transportation outer closure (i.e. the tape is used in the same way as plain adhesive tape), on which the printed elements of the carton seal are produced in real time; this format of seal is produced by Adhaero It Limited.

1.3 The printed elements of both seal formats are identical (full size legend, coat of arms, serial number etc). The requirement for the legend to be shown on the main panel of the transportation outer also applies to both seal formats. Both seal formats are regarded by NZFSA as achieving the required degree of transportation outer security and there are no restrictions on market eligibility associated with either.

1.4 This FYI is being published to assure operators, exporters and verifiers who may receive animal products secured with the new seal format, that this format is approved by NZFSA as equivalent to the traditional carton seal.

Disclaimer: This ‘For Your Information’ is intended for use as a guideline only and should not be taken as definitive or exhaustive. NZFSA endeavours to keep this information current and accurate. However, it may be subject to change without notice. NZFSA will not accept liability for any loss resulting from reliance on this information.

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