For Your Information: F1-08 Chile: Access and Listing

New Zealand Food Safety Authority
Date: 17 January 2008
From: John Lee, Market Access Counsellor

1 Purpose

1.1 This FYI cancels F12-03 and F6-05 and updates NZFSA’s current understanding of the situation with regard to beef imports and premises listing for that market.

2 Chile Access

2.1 F12-03 Chile – Beef Import Restrictions issued on 23 July 2003 referred to the Chilean authority, SAG, requiring an additional level of certification for beef from all countries. This position remains unchanged in spite of numerous representations and an equivalence submission by NZFSA regarding the recognition of certification by NZFSA VA.

2.2 This situation has an additional effect with respect to the role NZFSA VA personnel have as official beef grading verifiers. Refer OMAR 03/033.

3 Chile Listing

3.1 F6-05 Chile – Premises Listings issued 29 April 2005 provided an update on issues NZFSA was confronting regarding additional listings for access to Chile. While listing beef premises is technically possible the issues around beef grading certification essentially prevent beef exports as covered by OMAR 03/033 taking place.

3.2 Premises are still unable to obtain listing for ovine, caprine or cervine access to Chile as SAG continues to dispute that they ever agreed to allow the listing of premises covering these species.

3.3 Premises appear to be able to obtain listing for the export of beef offals to Chile and periodic consignments have been gaining entry. Should any exporter obtain information to the contrary please advise NZFSA

Disclaimer: This ‘For Your Information’ is intended for use as a guideline only and should not be taken as definitive or exhaustive. NZFSA endeavours to keep this information current and accurate. However, it may be subject to change without notice. NZFSA will not accept liability for any loss resulting from reliance on this information.

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