Overview – Animal products – general

If you operate under the Animal Products Act (APA) 1999, find out about the requirements that apply to all or many animal products. If you're new, start here.

What 'animal products – general' means

MPI has created a guidance document on an overview of the Animal Products Act 1999

An Overview of the Animal Products Act 1999 (PDF, 162 KB)

The Animal Products Act (APA) 1999 covers many different types of animal products across various foods sectors. For example, meat, seafood, dairy, honey and bee products, and so on. This section of the website outlines the APA requirements that apply to more than one food sector. These are referred to as ‘animal products – general’ requirements.

MPI is responsible for setting and administering all food safety standards under the APA 1999, including general requirements for animal products.

What you will find here

The Animal products – general section of this website is split into various sub-sections. Use the menu on the left to find your way around.

For detailed information on the specific requirements you need to comply with, refer to the sub-sections below that apply to you.

APA fees, charges & levies – animal products operators pay levies under the APA to support the range of programmes provided. There are also service-related costs that you may be required to pay to MPI.

Monitoring, surveillance & substance control – learn about MPI's national monitoring and surveillance programmes, and controls around specified substances relating to animal products.

Importing & exporting – links to important MPI importing and exporting information for animal product operators.

Further sub-sections provide more generic information relevant to Animal products – general:

  • Registers & lists – find lists of people designated to sign export certificates and RMP operators.
  • Documents – find a full list of documents relating to the Animal products general.
  • What's new – check this page regularly for important updates relevant to Animal products general.

Related information

In addition to animal products general requirements, you also need to meet the requirements for the specific food sector you operate in and any other general requirements and programmes that apply to you.

Food sectors

General requirements & programmes

Keeping up to date

It's important to keep up to date with any new or revised Animal products – general information, including requirements, consultations, strategies and other content changes. There are different ways to keep up to date – choose the methods that work for you.

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