New Laboratory Specifications Notice

MPI has developed the new Animal Products Notice: Specifications for Laboratories (199 KB PDF) and the Consolidated List of Tests for Animal Products: meat, poultry, honey, seafood, dairy, live animals and germplasm (590 KB PDF).

The MPI Consolidated List of Tests has been updated to include current OMAR requirements.

Implementation of the Animal Products Recognised Laboratory Programme (RLP) began on the 31st August 2015 with a two year transition period until the 31st August 2017 and affects:

  • Laboratories which test dairy material and dairy products;
  • Laboratory Approval Scheme (LAS); and
  • Export Laboratory Programme: Requirements for Laboratories and Persons Conducting the Testing of Live Animals and Germplasm for Export (ELP).

During the 2 year transition period

New laboratories need to implement requirements of a Recognised Laboratory Programme (RLP) detailed in the Notice.

Existing MPI approved or recognised laboratories have the responsibility to implement requirements of the RLP and be recognised by MPI under the new Notice prior to the 31st August 2017.  Both the existing and the new RLP systems will operate in parallel until the end of this transition period.

Documents and links

EXTERNAL Analysis of Submissions Proposed amendments to the Consolidated List of Tests

Implementation of the RLP is supported by the guidance material, Recognised Laboratory Programme Guidance Document.

In the early stages of RLP implementation, a list of questions and answers were developed arising from the consultation processes and information workshops, FAQs RLP August 2015.

Make an application for recognition as a laboratory under section 101 of the Animal Products Act 1999 to carry out tests associated with live animals, animal material or animal product, or amend/renew existing recognition

See the flow diagrams below for information on MPI timeframes and tips on how to submit a complete application


Application form AP18 - Recognised Laboratory – Animal Products (263 KB PDF).

List of Animal Product Laboratories recognised under the RLP.

Use this form to notify MPI of a critical non-compliance, RLP Critical Non-Compliance Form.

Approximately 3 months before the next IANZ assessment, IANZ will send out documentation to you relating to the changes for your accreditation. For further information please contact IANZ.