You must comply with the use requirements for oral nutritional compounds (ONCs) set out in the ACVM Regulations (link at right).

  • You must be confident that the animal feed or dietary supplement is fit for use (Regulation 7).
  • Unless you have a reason to be suspicious, you can presume that other parties have complied with their obligations and have manufactured or sold to you an animal feed or dietary supplement that is fit for purpose.
  • To avoid problems, we recommend that you follow label instructions carefully and use products as recommended by the manufacturer.
  • If you have reason to suspect the fitness of the animal feed being sold, you should not buy it or take steps to confirm that it is fit before feeding it to your animals.
  • If you do not follow the manufacturer’s instructions or you alter the animal feed or dietary supplement, it is your legal responsibility to ensure that it is still fit for purpose (Regulation 8). This means that you must ensure that what you feed your animals is not likely to cause any of the harms listed in Regulation 7.
  • If you make your own animal feed you are fully responsible for the fitness of that feed (Regulation 8).

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Adverse event report: Animal-feeds ( DOC, 463 KB)