Animal Feeds Review

The Animal Feeds Review is looking at how to strengthen the risk management framework for the animal feeds sector underpinned by the Animal Products Act 1999, ACVM Act 1997 and Biosecurity Act 1993. For the purposes of this review, animal feeds includes:

  • feed and feed ingredient imports
  • petfood imports
  • Import Health Standards (IHS)
  • feed manufacture
  • waste feeding
  • ruminant protein controls
  • petfood and rendering.

The project team has gathered information about the animal feeds sector using an online survey (see below). Other ways of gathering information has included reviewing MPI audit reports, premises visits and participation in industry forums.
The project team has developed a list of work streams to action for this review (see below).


The work streams are being managed by:

  • choosing the top 3-4 issues to address first
  • informing MPI teams about out of scope work requiring action outside of the Review
  • establishing an on-going MPI forum to monitor and review animal feeds that will continue on after the Review
  • re-visiting the identification and content of work streams on an on-going basis.

Proposed first work streams:

  1. Regulatory framework
    Review the current regulatory framework for animal feeds, identify problems with the current system, and propose changes to underpin the future regulation of the animal feeds sector.
  2. Web pages:
    Create web pages for the Animal Feeds Review and ensure the existing web pages relating to Animal Feeds are up-to-date.
  3. Microbiological pilot survey of animal feeds:
    Undertake a pilot survey to determine the current microbiological status of animal feeds.
  4. Petfood:
    Complete the MPI/NZPFMA Petfood Code Of Practice.
  5. Non-compliance management
    To describe the current MPI non-compliance management systems and processes for animal feeds under the current regime.

Other work under consideration includes:

  • Genetic modification (GM)
  • Residues
  • Aquaculture feeds.

The plan for the Animal Feeds Review is available here:

Animal Feeds Review Work Package

More information on the background of the Review is available here:

Discussion Paper

A comprehensive document listing the legislation, Codes of Practice, Import Health Standards, forms etc. has been compiled and is available here:

Animal Feeds Roadmap

On-Line survey

MPI asked stakeholders for their views on the existing animal feeds system in an online survey.

The survey closed on 26 June 2013.

A short summary of the survey results is available here:

Survey Summary

The survey results will be used to help identify areas or issues that need addressing and help to prioritise work streams for the implementation of the fourth stage of the review. MPI are talking to a number of stakeholder groups and organisations to include them in this process.

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