Risk Management Programmes (RMPs) for farm dairies

All farm dairies must operate under a MPI-registered RMP. Find out how to develop your RMP and what legislation you must comply with.

Below are links to legislation, technical information and templates that can help you develop an RMP for your farm dairy. There is information general to all food businesses developing an RMP in the General requirements section of the website.

Risk Management Programmes (RMPs)


Under the Animal Products Act (APA) 1999, there are 2 Notices which describe the specifications you must meet when developing an RMP for your farm dairy:

  • the RMP specifications provide information on the structure and general content of an RMP
  • the dairy processing specifications provide the technical outcomes that need to considered and addressed by a dairy RMP.

Risk Management Programmes Specifications and Policy Statement

Animal Products (Dairy Processing Specifications) Notice 2011 (184 KB PDF)  

Manufacturing raw milk products

If you are intending to harvest milk for raw milk products, there are additional measures that you must take into account when you prepare your RMP. You can find information about these in the Manufacturing dairy products section under the page, Manufacturing specific products.

Technical outcomes

The technical outcomes specified in the Notices are elaborated in more detail in Approved Criteria documents, 2 of which are relevant to farm dairies:

  • the criteria for dairy processing provide the general technical requirements to be considered and addressed by your RMP
  • the farm dairies criteria provide the technical requirements specific to milk harvesting, filtration, cooling and storage along with the supporting activities to be addressed by a farm dairy RMP.

DPC1: Animal Products (Dairy): Approved Criteria for General Dairy Processing (213 KB PDF)

DPC2: Animal Products (Dairy): Approved Criteria for Farm Dairies (211 KB PDF)

Farm dairy water status

In conjunction with your RMP, you need to complete this form for the assessment of water used in your farm dairy.

DPF 201 - Farm Dairy Water Status

Using an RMP template

The 2 templates included here can help you develop your RMP for farm dairies. The template you use depends on whether your dairy products are intended for the New Zealand market or for export.

They can be used in the following ways:

  • as a template, which you complete
  • as a model that serves as the basis for an RMP that you develop yourself.

Please note that you do not have to have your RMP evaluated if the template is completed fully and without modification. If you prepare your own RMP, then it must be evaluated before you apply to MPI to have it registered. You can find out more about the evaluation procedure in the RMP section of General requirements.

Get your RMP evaluated

Dairy products consumed only in New Zealand

Use this template if your farm dairy supplies milk for the manufacture of dairy products for sale on the domestic market.

RMP Template: Farm dairies – Domestic Supply

Dairy products intended for export

Use this template if your farm supplies, or might supply, milk intended for the manufacture of dairy products for export. It also covers possible sale of the products in New Zealand. Included are a number of forms to assist with recording information on your farm.

RMP Template: Farm dairies – Export Eligible Milk