FD18-08 Guidance for Animal Products Dry Store Operators

New Zealand Food Safety Authority
Date: 17 November 2008
From: Mary Western, Assistant Director, Export Standards

1 Introduction

Regarding the acceptability and compliance to the code of practice for use of certain cladding materials used in Animal Products dry stores. This specifically concerns the use of products that have limited durability, such as hardened foam insulation and building paper/wire. NZFSA have concerns that such materials may be difficult to maintain in an acceptable state of repair .

Recent examples have been sighted where the cladding has not been well maintained which has caused difficulty in determining acceptability and compliance to the code of practice. This has led to situations where stores have been deemed to be unacceptable where they may have previously passed inspection.

2 Guidance for Operators:

NZFSA does not prohibit the use of any specific cladding for dry stores provided that it complies with the outcomes described in the code of practice. It is the expectation of NZFSA that these requirements are strictly enforced, particularly in the areas of maintenance (well maintained/in good repair) and cleanliness. Operators will be expected to maintain their premises in compliance with the code of practice and manage any risks as appropriate. This is applicable to storage of export and NZ market products equally.

Further clarification on this matter will be provided to operators via an amendment to the COP which will be reviewed in 2009.

3 Guidance for Recognised Agency Verifiers:

The Recognised Agencies should exercise robust judgement during verification, with particular emphasis on hygiene and repairs & maintenance. This may result in increased verification to ensure that premises repairs have been effected.

Disclaimer: This ‘For Your Information’ is intended for use as a guideline only and should not be taken as definitive or exhaustive. NZFSA endeavours to keep this information current and accurate. However, it may be subject to change without notice. NZFSA will not accept liability for any loss resulting from reliance on this information.

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