FD22-08 Canada – Cheese

New Zealand Food Safety Authority
Date: 15 December 2008
From: John Lee, Market Access Counsellor (North America)

1 Background

1.1 In 2007 Canada introduced proposed changes to regulations concerning cheese composition via the World Trade Organisation Notification process. New Zealand Government and industry made submissions during this process. Ultimately in 2008 new legislation was promulgated and implementation has subsequently proceeded.

2 Implementation for Compositional Cheese Standards

2.1 Canada has published, via the World Trade Organisation Notification process, a number of links which may be of interest to New Zealand exporters intending to export affected products to Canada. They include information on the implementation process and are listed below:

Notice to Dairy and Food Industry Stakeholders


October 2008 Letter to Importers

(English and French)

Presentation: Framework for Inspection

http://members.wto.org/crnattachments/2008/tbt/can/08_3717_02_e.pdf (English)
http://members.wto.org/crnattachments/2008/tbt/can/08_3717_02_f.pdf (French)

Dairy Product Inspection Manual – Section 16.5


The most recent electronic version of the regulatory text is available at:


The Dairy Products Regulations documents are available in English and French on the Department of Justice Canada’s Web site:


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