Specification and Notices

Find here the Specifications and Notices that apply to dairy manufacturers. They describe the outcomes that all dairy processors must comply with.

Specifications and notices are made under the Animal Products Act (APA) 1999. The documents linked below are commonly used by dairy manufacturers. For ease of use, they have been divided into different topics.

Dairy processing

The following Notice set out requirements for dairy manufacturers including Risk Management Programmes (RMPs), heat treatments, contamination and the Independent Verification Programme (IVP). Refer particularly to Part 5 of the Notice.

Animal Products (Dairy Processing Specifications) Notice 2011 (184 KB PDF)

Non-conforming dairy products

The following Notice sets out procedures and specifies requirements for the management of non-conforming dairy material and dairy product. It enlarges on regulation 5 of the Animal Products (Dairy) Regulations 2005.

Animal Products (Disposal of Non-conforming Dairy Material or Dairy Product) (397 KB PDF)

Exemption from RMP evaluation

When you register a Rick Management Programme (RMP), it may require evaluation by a recognised person before it can be registered with MPI. If you operate an RMP-registered temporary storage facility for animal products intended for export and wish to amend your RMP to include dairy material or dairy product, then the following Notice exempts you from the evaluation process.

Notice of Exemption: Animal Products Act 1999 (50 KB PDF)

Recognised agencies and persons for dairy

Use this Notice to find out about the requirements to become or operate as a recgnised agency or person to perform verification of dairy operations. There are also specifications for category 2 laboratories, which test dairy product intended for sale in New Zealand and tests samples, including raw milk, for internal quality control purposes.

Animal Products Notice: Dairy Recognised Agency and Recognised Persons Specifications 2015 (PDF)

If a recognised agency terminates a contract with a dairy operator, then they must notify MPI in writing. The requirement is set out in the following Notice.

Animal products (Requirement for recognised agencies to notify of termination of contract) notice 2008 (59 KB PDF)