Cancelled exporting FYIs

Listed here are cancelled For your information (FYI) documents. Consult these to check that you are using the most recent guidance offered by MPI.

Why FYIs are cancelled

An FYI is cancelled when the information no longer applies or has been replaced by more recent information. If you rely on this information, MPI will not accept liability for any resulting loss.

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Cancelled FYIs

IDSubject TitleCancelled By
F42/17China: Food Certification RequirementsF51/17
F41/17Mycoplasma bovis Update on export adviceF54/17
F40/17GCC: Guide for control on imported food update 4F45/17
F38/17Costa Rica- Dairy Listings (2)F43/17
F37/17Mycoplasma bovis Export certification adviceF41/17
F36/17Mycoplasma bovis Impact on Export CertificationF37/17
F28/17Central America - Update on Dairy Establishments ListingsF44/17
F26/17Qatar: Issues with Shipping, Palletisation RequirementsF32/17
F25/17Nigeria Requirement to Palletise Containerised CargoF33/17
F16/17EEU: Listings and ContaminantsEAE Amendment 1
F14/17China: Food Certification RequirementsF42/17
F11/17Russia: Update to Russian register of approved establishmentsF16/17
F10/17Russia: Changes to register of approved establishmentsF11/17
F6/17China: Imported food registrationChina Amendment 3
F4/17United Arab Emirates: Gulfood 2017 Sample Certification17/005
F2/17Korea: Halal MarkF5/17
F57/16China : Infant and Young Children Formula LabelsChina Amendment 3
F53/16GCC: Guide for control on imported food - update 3F40/17
F50/16The Philippines: Import Permits for Agricultural ProductsF54/16
F47/16Kuwait - Implementation of the GCC Guidelines for Imported Food ControlF51/16
F45/16China measures for Traditional Chinese MedicinesChina Amendment 3
F44/16China Health Food RegulationsChina Amendment 3
F42/16Central America - Dairy Establishments ListingsPanama Amendment 2
F34/16UAE: Implementation of the sanitary Memorandum of UnderstandingF38/16
F28/16Update: Malaysia seven day signing limitMalaysia OMAR Amendment 4
F27/16Malaysia seven day signing limitF28/16
F23/16China: Cross Border E-CommerceChina Amendment 2
F20/16China: Cross Border E-CommerceF23/16
F18/16European Union: Export CertificatesEU Amendment 36
F17/16China Food Additive ControlsChina Amendment 2
F14/16European Union: Simplified Export CertificatesEU Amendment 36
F11/16China: Certificates of Origin China Amendment 2
F10/16Philippines: Labelling RequirementsPHL Amdt 3
F9/16Korea: Registration of Food Manufacturing Facilities16/022
F7/16China: Export of Inedible Animal Products to the People's Republic of ChinaChina Amendment 2
F6/16China: Animal Feed and Feed Additive Import RegistrationChina Amendment 3
F5/16Russia: Administrative Details for Premises ListingsEAE Amendment 0
F4/16China: Export of Inedible Animal Products to the People's Republic of ChinaF7/16
F3/16China: Animal Feed and Feed AdditiveF6/16
F2/16Russia: Administrative details for premises listingsEAE Amendment 0
F35/15El Salvador: Listing Requirements for Dairy ProductsF36/15
F32/15Lebanon: Registration of New Zealand Dairy and Slaughter PremisesLebanon Amendment 8
F30/15European Union: Border Checks & the NZ/EU Sanitary AgreementEU Amendment 36
F27/15China: Amendments to Food Safety Law and Advertising LawChina Amendment 2
F23/15Cancelled Technical DirectivesSelf expiring
F22/15Turkey: Export CertificationTurkey Amendment 4
F16/15Cancelled FYIsSelf expiring
F13/15Replacement of animal product certificates with an acknowledged or accepted status for consignments exported to the People's Republic of ChinaChina Amendment 2
F12/15Sri Lanka: Additional requirements for milk powdersSri Lanka OMAR Amdt 4
F10/15China: New requirements for dairy imports/exports to be implemented on 1 May 2015China Amendment 2
F5/15China's Suspension of Dairy ManufacturersChina Amendment 2
F44/14Iran, Authentication of Health CertificatesIran Amendment 2
F42/14Customs Union: Audit of New ZealandEAE Amendment 0
F38/14United States of America: Food and Drug Administration Facility Biennial Re-Registration Oct-Dec 2014USA Amendment 9
F35/14China: Certificates of Origin China Amendment 2
F34/14Philippines: Delay in Pre-Shipment Inspection Requirement Implementation for all ImportsEAE Amendment 0
F32/14Halal Certification for Products to SingaporeF21/15
F29/14Halal Certification for Products to SingaporeF32/14
F27/14European Union: Consumer LabellingEU Amendment 36
F26/14Halal Certification for Products to SingaporeF29/14
F25/14Jordan: Halal certificationF7/15
F24/14Malaysia: Halal Certification17/024
F23/14China: Regulations for the Implementation of Bad Records Administration on Imported FoodChina Amendment 2
F16/14China: Infant formula brand registrationChina Amendment 2
F15/14China: opportunity for manufacturers, cold stores and dry stores of dairy products for human consumption (excluding consumer-ready infant formula) to review their submissions for registration in ChinaChina Amendment 2
F14/14China: Infant formula and dairy systems audit update and labelling requirementsChina Amendment 2
F12/14China: opportunity for final submissions and/or updates from manufacturers, cold stores and dry stores for dairy products for human consumption (excluding consumer-ready infant formula) for export to ChinaChina Amendment 2
F10/14Lebanon: Dairy Product RegistrationLebanon Amendment 8
F9/14China certification on NZ default templatesChina Amendment 2
F8/14Malaysia - Halal CertificationF24/14
F7/14Dairy Material suitabilityF30/14
F6/14Brazil: Systems Equivalence for Dairy ProductsBRA Amendment 1
F5/14Further information on China infant formula and dairy systems audit - audit detailsChina Amendment 2
F4/14Turkey: Validity Period for Health Certificates and EU MeasuresTurkey Amendment 4
F3/14Further information on China infant formula and dairy systems auditChina Amendment 2
F2/14Turkey: Validity Period for HealthF4/14
F1/14Possible Postponement of China infant formula and dairy systems auditF3/14
F53/13Timing of China infant formula and dairy systems auditF3/14
F52/13European Union: Technical Products for Human ConsumptionF20/15
F50/13China: Requirements for Infant FormulaChina Amendment 2
F49/13Egypt: Temporary testing measures post WPC incidentEgypt OMAR Amendment 8
F47/13Brazil: Expression of Interest for Exporting Dairy ProductsF6/14
F46/13Cancelled FYIsSelf expiring
F45/13Export of Dairy Products from New Zealand: due to recent Clostridium botulinum incidentSelf expiring
F38/13Export of Dairy products from New Zealand: due to recent Clostridium botulinum detection - MPI To Whom it May Concern Letter now available for exporters to useF40/13
F37/13Export of Dairy Products from New Zealand: due to recent Clostridium botulinum detection - updated F46/13
F36/13Export of Dairy Products from New Zealand: due to recent Clostridium botulinum detectionF46/13
F33/13China: Publication of the list of infant formula and related products that are eligible for Official Assurances (certification) to ChinaChina Amendment 2
F32/13Brazil: Expressions of Interest for Exporting Meat and Meat Products and Dairy ProductsF6/14
F31/13China: Proposed China requirements for infant formulaChina Amendment 2
F29/13Oman and GCC: Halal Certification, update 1Bharain OMAR Amendment 1
F27/13Oman: Halal CertificationF29/13
F25/13FAQs to Support F18-13 China: New Requirements for Dairy Imports/Exports to be implemented on 1 May 2013China Amendment 2
F23/13Sri Lanka - Dairy Exports, DCD & RadioactivitySri Lanka OMAR Amendment 4
F21/13Peru: Listing requirement for dairy products and meat and edible offalPeru OMAR Amendment 1
F20/13Sri Lanka: Dairy ExportsSri Lanka OMAR Amendment 4
F18/13China: New requirements for dairy imports/exports to be implemented on 1 May 2013 China Amendment 2
F17/13United Arab Emirates: Halal CertificationUnited Arab Emirates OMAR Amendment 6
F14/13China: CN300 and CN600 Certification Version NumberChina Amendment 2
F12/13Peru: Expressions of Interest for Exporting Animal ProductsPeru OMAR Amendment 1
F9/13China: New requirements for dairy imports/exports to be implemented on 1 May 2013 China Amendment 2
F4/13Testing of milk products for dicyandiamide (DCD) in TaiwanTaiwan Amendment 5
F2/13Malaysia - Halal Certification and Labelling of Meat, Dairy, Seafood and Bee Products17/024
F51/12Cancelled FYIsSelf Expirying
F50/12United States of America: Food and Drug Administration Facility Registration ChangesF38-14
F48/12China Registration of Food Exporters and Importers.China Amendment 2
F46/12Possible increase in testing of dairy productsKorea OMAR Amendment 3
F43-12Guideline on compliance with Customs Union OMAR Clause 5.616/027
F41-12European Union: Composite ProductsF51/12
F38-12Implementation of Clause 7 of the Dairy Official Assurance SpecificationF44-12
F36-12Thailand: Registration of Animal FeedsThailand OMAR Amdt 1
F34-12European Union: Composite ProductsF41-12
F33-12Customs Union: Export CertificatesCustoms Union Amendment 0
F32-12European Union: Composite ProductsF41-12
F31-11Thailand GMP requirements for imported food productsThailand OMAR Amdt 1
F30-11Listing of dairy premises for export to PeruPeru OMAR Amendment 1
F29-11European Union: Catch CertificationF16/15
F28-11Sri Lanka - Dairy Certificates of AnalysisSri Lanka OMAR Amendment 4
F26-11Sri Lanka - Dairy Certificates of AnalysisF28/11
F25/11EU FVO Audit 2011F51/12
F16/11Cancelled FYIsF20/11
F11/11European Union: TRACES TrialF20/11
F10-11Export Certification To Iran Under United Nations Sanctions RegulationsIran Amendment 2
F4/11European Union: Listing of By-products PremisesF20/11
F3/11Indonesia - Dairy ExportsF15-11
F1/11Indonesia ? Dairy ExportsF3-11
F27/10Radionuclide Requirements - Dairy Material and Dairy Product imported from the United States of America F7/11
F25/10EU: ColostrumF16/15
F24/10Dairy Store ListingsEU Amdt 21
F22/10Customs Union: Russia, Belarus, KazakhstanCustoms Union Amendment 0
F20/10Russia: Dairy PremisesCustoms Union Amendment 0
F19/10EU: Dairy Store ListingEU Amdt 21
F16-10Viet Nam: Foods of Animal Origin10/030
F12/10Indonesia - Dairy ExportsF1-11
F11/10Viet Nam: Foods of Animal Origin10/030
F10/10European Union: Signing Date for Export CertificatesEU Amdt 21
F2-10Mexico: LabellingMexico Amendment 6
F48-09Ukraine: Listing of Animal Products PremisesF5/10
F42-09Russia: Dairy ListsF5/10
F41-09Russia: Listing of Animal Products PremisesF5/10
F40/09Russia: Listing of Animal Products PremisesF5/10
F39/09Russia: Listing of Animal Products PremisesF5/10
F37-09Ukraine: Listing of Animal Products PremisesF48/09
F34/09Ukraine: Listing of Animal Products PremisesF48/09
F33-09Cancelled FYIsF38/09
F32/09Reportable Food RegistryUSA Amendment 14
F27/09Indonesia ? Meat ExportsF38/09
F26/09Cancelled FYIsF33/09
F23-09Indonesia ? Halal CertificationIndonesia OAMR Amendment 9
F22-09European Union: TRACES certification trial F3/10
F20-09Bioterrorism Act ? Prior Notice11/019
F17/09United States of America - Prior Notice Final Rule11/019
F14/09China - Testing of colostrum for nitrofuransChina Amendment 3
F10/09Thailand - Food ExportsThailand OMAR Amdt 1
F9/09Russia: Listing of Dairy PremisesF5/10
F7-09Mexico - Listings, and Labelling IssuesF12-09
F3-09New Caledonia: Certificates for clearance of imported products09/038
F2-09Cancelled Dairy FYIsF26/09
FD24/08Not issued
FD23/08Guidance for Fast Track Registration of RMPs for AP Dairy StoresF33-09
FD20/08New Caledonia: Re-export of animal product from ChinaNew Caledonia Amendment 3
FD19/08Mexico - Listings, Certification and Labelling IssuesF7-09
FD17/08Guidance for Submission of Section 60B ExemptionsF7/13
FD16/08Update to Previous Melamine FYIsChina Amendment 2
FD15/08European Union: Dairy Non-food Export CertificatesEU Amdt 21
FD14/08Ukraine: Dairy Export Certificates11/026
FD13/08Dairy ExportsFD16-08
FD12/08Malaysia - Certification of Cheese ExportsMalaysia OMAR Amendment 4
FD11/08Hong Kong: Melamine in FoodFD16-08
FD9/08Mexico: Labelling ErrorsFD19-08
FD8/08Mexico - Import DetentionsFYI FD9/08
FD7/08Brazil - Certificate LegalisationBRA Amendment 1
FD6/08United States of America - Maritime Container SealingUSAOMAR amdt1 consolidated
FD5/08European Union: Repacking of Shipping Containers in TransitEU Amdt 21
FD3/08Brazil - Certificate LegalisationFD07/08
F3/08Mexico - Border Crossing PointsMexico Amendment 6
FD1/08Mexico ? Border Crossing PointsF2/09
FD5/07European Union: Date of DepartureF16/11
FD3/07Costa Rica ? Dairy ListingsCosta Rica: Amendment 1
FD1-07To All Exporters of Dairy Material & Dairy Products to the European UnionF2/09
FD3/06European Union: Export Certificate DataF16/11
FD2/06Saudi Arabia ? Expiration PeriodsD06/002
FD1/06Dairy certification to LibyaF2/09
FD8/05United States of America Allergen LabellingUSA Dairy Amendment 0
FD7/05Thailand - Regulation 11 RepealedThailand amendment 0
FD6/05Brazil: new requirementsBrazil amendment 0
FD5/05Thailand - Regulation 11 UpdateFD7/05
FD4/05China: Enterobacter sakazakii Testing of Imported Dairy ProductsChina amendment 0
FD3/05Thailand - Regulation 11 UpdateFD5/05
FD2/05Singapore - Milk Powder, Liquid Milk and Infant FormulaF2/09
Sri Lanka - Dairy ExportsF2/09
US - Animal Health Certification Requirements for Dairy ProductsUsa amdt 1
Thailand - Bacillus cereus Standard for Dairy Productsamdt.1
FDThailand Regulation No. 11 Update
FDThailand - Regulation No. 11 Update
FDEgypt - Operation Waikeke, III
FDMexico - Operation Waiheke, IV
FDNZMP Limedet name change to Fonterra Limited - effective 8th June 2004
FDMay 2004: Mexico New Sanitary Measures

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