Organic Overseas Market Access Requirements (OMARs)

Find and understand Overseas Market Access Requirements (OMARs) for organic products. OMARs outline specific country requirements you need to meet when exporting.

Finding OMARs

Countries and markets that have agreements with New Zealand for food products entering their borders, including organic products, are listed in the box below. Remember that organic exporters need to meet both the organic and standard (non-organic) OMARs for their destination market.

As there are only a small number of organic OMARs, you can also find detailed information on these by clicking on each of the markets shown in the left menu.

Select a market using the dropdown arrow on the right to show all relevant OMARs. Then choose Organics from the left menu.


Important notes:

  • If you cannot find the market you are looking for, then no specific requirements have been negotiated with MPI at this time. It is your responsibility to check and comply with any requirements for markets not covered by an existing OMAR.
  • OMARs may be added or updated from time to time. We recommend you sign-up to receive exporting updates by email.
  • If you export dairy or animal products, you also need to meet general market access requirements for these products. These are password protected. You can find out how to get a password in the Exporting section of the website.
  • You may also wish to check the MPI Biosecurity website for other certificate requirements that are not administered by MPI.

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Understanding OMARs

Overseas Market Access Requirements (OMARs) are requirements that the New Zealand Government has agreed with governments of export destinations. Their purpose is to facilitate New Zealand exporter access to overseas markets.

OMARs also form the basis of market-specific requirements covered under the Official Organic Assurance Programme (OOAP). Click Official Organic Assurance Programme (OOAP) in the left menu of this page for more information.

You are responsible for checking for any changes to regulatory or commercial requirements with your distributor or importing agent, and ensuring that your exports comply.

Find further general information about OMARs in the Exporting section of this website.


Markets covered by OMARs/OOAP

Organic OMARs exist for those markets covered under the OOAP. These markets are listed in the left menu of this page.

Note: Not all products are covered for all markets.

Markets not covered by OMARs/OOAP

The New Zealand Government does not have agreements with any other markets. If you wish to export organic products to countries not listed, it is your responsibility to check and comply with destination country requirements.

Organic Export Products of New Zealand (OPENZ) may be able to provide some guidance.
Organic Products Exporters of New Zealand (OPENZ) (External website)

Where OMARs are unclear, MPI can seek clarification from the overseas government concerned. MPI then informs Third Party Agencies (TPAs) of the official clarification or interpretation. Unofficial interpretations are applied at your own risk.

Helping to keep export requirements current

Please advise MPI if you receive information about new requirements, or the way in which countries administer their requirements. This helps ensure that market-specific export requirements are valid and as up-to-date as possible. It may also provide a basis for negotiations to amend an existing requirement or establish a new one.