Organic accreditation bodies

Understand the role of accreditation bodies under the OOAP and how to find an accreditation body.

Defining accreditation body

An accreditation body is an internationally recognised independent organisation which is authorised to accredit organisations to certain ISO standards.

Accreditation role & responsibilities

The role of accreditation bodies is to accredit Third Party Agencies (TPAs) and their personnel (individuals). Following a TPA's accreditation, the accreditation body then recommends that the TPA or individual become and remain recognised by MPI.

MPI recognition means that TPAs and their personnel are recognised to evaluate and verify that organic operators and exporters meet NZFSA organic standard OP3 and relevant overseas market access requirements.

Assessing organic standards for TPAs

Accreditation bodies assess TPAs and their personnel against:

  • ISO 17020
  • NZFSA organic standards OP1 and OP2.

NZFSA Food Safety organic standard OP1 (199 KB PDF) – Accreditation (ISO 17020), recognition and performance criteria for third party agencies and their individuals
NZFSA Food Safety organic standard OP2 (138 KB PDF) – Third party agency responsibilities

Finding an accreditation body

The 2 accreditation bodies that operate in New Zealand are: