Fees & charges – Organics

You may be required to pay for services provided by MPI if operating under the Official Organic Assurance Programme (OOAP). The fees and charges listed below are calculated on a cost-recovery basis. Further information about the regulations governing fees and charges can be found in the Policy and law section of the website.

Fees and charges

OOAP – Organic exporter registration

To export organic products under the OOAP, you must register as an organic exporter with MPI. The following fees and charges apply:

  • Annual registration – refer to the fees quoted on the OP1 Application Form

OP1 – Organic exporter registration application form

OOAP – Programme implementation fee

There is an OOAP programme implementation fee which covers programme development, implementation and administration. The total cost of this programme is recovered from registered organic exporters.

The fee is based on the total Free On Board (FOB) value of exports during the financial year (1 July to 30 June). It is calculated by dividing the programme costs by the total exporter FOB estimates. Each exporter pays a fee directly proportional to FOB value of their organic exports for the period.

MPI requests estimates of FOB value from organic exporters twice a year, in January and May, as outlined in this timeline:

  • January: estimated FOB value requested
  • February: invoice sent for half this amount (if estimated fee is greater than $1,000)
  • May: second, more accurate estimate of FOB requested
  • June: invoice sent for reconciled amount (July–June). Any differences between the first and second estimated fees are credited or debited as necessary.

OOAP – Organic export certificates

You must have an export certificate (official assurance) from MPI for each consignment of organic product you export to the European Union (EU), Switzerland and Japan under the OOAP. The following fees and charges apply:

  • Organic export certificate – refer to the fee quoted on the Export Certificate Application Form. Contact the Organic Certification Unit for details of fees payable in special circumstances.
  • Consignments exported to the United States (US) under the OOAP must be registered with the MPI Organic Certification Unit. The same form is used for registering your consignment for the US as for applying for a certificate. Charges are listed on the same form.

Organics – Export certificate application form

Export certificates for organic product exported to Taiwan are issued by your Third Party Agency (TPA).

Organics Third Party Agency register

Note: All costs are subject to change without notice.