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Here are MPI food safety Codes of Practice, templates, plans, consultation documents, letters, manuals, guidelines and information pamphlets for Petfood & inedibles.

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Codes of Practice, templates & plans

  • Petfood processing - Code of practice

    Publication type: Multi-part documents

    The Petfood Code of Practice provides one way that petfood operators can comply with the Animal Products Act (APA) 1999 regime. It is being re-developed and ca...

  • Rendering - Code of practice

    Publication type: Multi-part documents

    The Rendering Code of Practice applies to businesses producing rendered animal products intended for animal consumption, such as meat and bone meal, dried bloo...

Consultation documents

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Manuals & guidelines

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Information pamphlets


Reports & strategy

  • Animal Feeds Roadmap (571 KB PDF)

    Publication type: Reports & strategy

    A comprehensive document listing the legislation, Codes of Practice, Import Health Standards, forms etc. has been compiled and is available here as the Animal...