Rendered animal products

All Rendered animal products businesses must meet legal requirements. The requirements that apply to your business depend what you are doing. Read the pages relevant to your business to find out the specific requirements. Here is a brief summary.

Road Map Rendered animal products Legislation (189 KB PDF)

Animal materials can be rendered (broken down) into by-products for animal consumption. Operators rendering animal material for animal consumption must:

  • comply with the Animal Products Act (APA) 1999 regime
  • operate under a registered Risk Management Programme (RMP)
  • if exporting, be registered with MPI and comply with destination country requirements.

Note: If you render animal material for human consumption, such as fish oils or beef lard, refer to the relevant food sector to understand the requirements you need to meet.

Rendering fish material
Meat, ostrich, emu & game
Food sectors

Complying with the APA regime

The APA regime for rendering includes the APA, Animal Products Regulations 2000 and the Animal Consumption Specifications. The Rendering Code of Practice (COP) helps to guide you in:

  • meeting the requirements of the APA and associated legislation
  • producing rendered products that are safe and suitable
  • preventing animal and animal product that is not fit for human consumption from entering the human food chain.

Operating under a RMP

Under the APA, all rendering operations are required to operate under a registered RMP. The Rendering COP provides guidance on meeting RMP requirements specifically for rendering operations.

Rendering – Code of Practice

Also refer to the Risk Management Programmes section of this website for all the general information you need to know about RMPs.

Risk Management Programmes

Exporting rendered product

You must be registered with MPI as an animal product exporter, if the rendered products you export are intended for either or both of the following:

  • animal consumption
  • a destination market that requires an official assurance (export certificate).

Find information on how to register in the Exporting section of this website.

Exporter registration

In addition to New Zealand requirements, you also need to meet those set by the country where the rendered product is being sold. You must ensure that you meet all requirements relevant to rendered product and the intended market. You can find further information about Overseas Market Access Requirements (OMARs) and general requirements in the Exporting section of the website.

Overseas Market Access Requirements (OMAR) notifications

Overseas Market Access Requirements (OMARs)