What's new – Petfood & inedibles

This page lists important updates relevant to the Petfood & inedibles section of the MPI Food Safety website. Items are displayed in date order, with the most recent listed first.

13 April 2015

22 January 2015

  • New: Updated Information for Industry about recalls.

    Recall guidance material & recall template
    The recall guidance material and recall plan template have been reviewed and updated: http://www.foodsafety.govt.nz/elibrary/industry/recall-guidance-material-template/

    Updates include:

    •The changes to response powers under the Food Act 2014 – for further information on this see: http://www.foodsafety.govt.nz/policy-law/food-act-2014/food-recalls-under-new-act.htm
    •Appendix 4 Recall Criteria Guide now includes additional information on Listeria spp.
    •Appendix 6 Sample Consumer Level Recall Notice

    The Recall Hazard/Risk Analysis Form
    The Recall Hazard/Risk Analysis Form has been updated and replaces the form previously described as Form 15.1 Recall hazard/risk analysis worksheet:


    Food Recall Notice Templates
    Draft newspaper advertisements templates now include a red cross hatched border:


5 December 2014

22 October 2014

  • New: Animal Feeds Roadmap

    The Animal Feeds Roadmap has been updated as a result of the new AC Specs Notice.

17 October 2014

10 October 2014

9 October 2014

22 September 2014

28 July 2014

1 July 2014

23 May 2014

7 May 2014

29 October 2013

5 July 2013

  • New Consultation: Changes to MPI's Guidance documents

    Guidance documents are sometimes issued by the MPI Standards Branch to help stakeholders comply with or to understand requirements issued by MPI.

4 June 2013

8 May 2013

  • New Consultation: Requirements and guidance templates project

    If you are involved in drafting, using or verifying requirements related to food safety, animal or plant imports or exports or agricultural compounds and veterinary medicines, then you can expect to see some changes in the way requirements and related guidance are presented.