Pesticide Maximum Residue Limit (MRL) legislation around the world

Find links to MRL legislation in many countries, including New Zealand, and to MRLs established by the Codex Alimentarius Commission (CAC).

Finding MRL requirements for destination countries

The links in this table — most are to external websites— are updated regularly. However, MPI does not guarantee the accuracy of the information. You should also check relevant national legislation before exporting your plant products.

Links to country MRLs and/or legislation

Country Source Notes


FSANZ Food Standards Code

MRLs are listed in Chapter 1, Standard 1.4.2.


ANVISA website

The Brazilian food safety agency (ANVISA) publishes “Monografias de Agrotoxicos” (PDF) that include MRLs. The site is in Portuguese.


PMRA website

Health Canada (PMRA) published a consolidated list of MRLs (Excel or PDF) and of MRLs that have been recently established (EMRLs) or proposed (PMRLs).


FAO – Codex MRL website

A database of MRLs adopted by Codex.  Can be searched by pesticide or commodity

European Union

EU Pesticides database

A database of EU MRLs (Reg 396/2005 – as updated) and pesticide authorisation status (Dir 91/414/EEC). Can be searched by pesticide or crop.  Includes links to EC MRL legislation.

Hong Kong

CFS website

Hong Kong currently recognises Codex MRLs. A new regulatory framework for MRLs is under development.


FSSAI website

MRLs are listed in The Prevention of Food Adulteration Act and Rules, soon to be transferred to the Food Safety and Standards Regulations, 2010.


MARD (PPIS) Data Bank

“Search” links to the Pesticide Residues database searchable by pesticide or crop.


FFCR  website

A database of MRLs, searchable by pesticide and crop. Also provides links to legislation on the Positive List system.


KFDA MRL database

A pesticide residues database of Korean and relevant Codex MRLs, searchable by pesticide and crop.


MOH FSIM website

MRLs are listed in Schedule 16 of the Food Regulations 1985 (Part VIII).

New Zealand

MPI Food Standards

NZ MRL Food Standards, consolidated annually with supplements published at 3-4 month intervals

Russian Federation

EU Webpage on Russian MRL requirements

Unofficial consolidation of Russian (Customs Union) MRLs (Excel) [sourced from Freshfel Europe].


AVA Legislation webpage

See Sale of Food Act and the 9th Schedule in the associated Food Regulations.

South Africa

DoH Food legislation webpage

Link to Foodstuffs, Cosmetics and Disinfectants Act and associated Regulations (See Section 12).


Swiss MRL legislation

MRLs (consolidated) listed in Annex I of Ordinance 817.021.23.


FDA Food legislation webpage

See Food Sanitation Standards (Standards for Pesticide Residue Limits in Foods).


ACFS Commodity and Food Standards webpage

MRLs listed under ‘TAS 9002’ and ‘TAS 9003’ General Standards.
Also see ACFS MRL Database (in Thai)


GPO Access e-CFR

Electronic Code of Federal Regulations (e-CFR) Part 40, Section 180

Other links



Australian DAFF links

Provides links to MRLs in Australia and some other countries for Australian-registered pesticides on selected foods, complied by the National Residue Survey.

Australian Wine Research Institute – MRL database

Provides a database of MRLs for wine grapes and wine, searchable by pesticide and country.

USDA (FAS) International MRL Database

The USDA (Foreign Agricultural Service) database of US and national MRLs for a wide range of crops, searchable by commodity, pesticide and country.