Other requirements for eggs

This page tells you where to find more information about animal welfare, making label claims, exporting, importing, and organic egg production.

Animal welfare

Animal welfare is the responsibility of MPI Biosecurity New Zealand. See their website for information on animal welfare, including a code of welfare for layer hens.

MPI website (External website)

Claims such as 'Barn laid' or 'free range' eggs

Such claims about a product are subject to the Fair Trading Act, which is administered by the Ministry of Consumer Affairs.

Under this Act, it is an offence to mislead consumers. Contact the Ministry of Consumer Affairs for further information about claims.

Ministry of Consumer Affairs (External website)

For animal welfare claims, see the MPI Biosecurity website (as above).


Information about exporting eggs or egg products can be found on the MPI website at the following link -

Exporting eggs


Only a small number of egg products and some hatching eggs can be imported into New Zealand, because of biosecurity requirements.  If you want to import eggs or egg products, see the following on MPI's website.

Importing eggs

Organic egg production

Standards New Zealand has a standard for Organic Production (8410:2003) in New Zealand.

Standards NZ (External website).

Also see the 'Organics' section of this website for general organics requirements.


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