Fees & charges – Seafood

You may be required to pay for the services provided by MPI. Fees and charges are calculated on a cost-recovery basis.

Further information about the regulations governing fees and charges can be found in the Policy and law section of the website.

Finding fees and charges

Fees and charges, inclusive of GST, are listed on application forms and other relevant documents. In some cases, as well as a flat charge, you may need to pay an hourly rate for assessment or verification.

Charges specific to seafood

The following charges are specific to seafood businesses:

Seafood registration or listing charges

If you process or hold fish, you need to register or list if you operate one of the following:

  • a Limited Processing Fishing Vessel (LPFV)
  • an animal materials depot holding fish.

Bivalve molluscan shellfish (BMS) registration or listing charges

If you process, store or harvest BMS, you need to pay registration or listing charges that apply to your operation. These apply to:

  • depot operators
  • sorting sheds
  • transport operators
  • harvest operators.

Programme charges & levies for seafood

Primary processors of fish and bivalve molluscan shellfish (BMS shellfish) pay a levy to cover the cost of MPI developing requirements and standards for the seafood industry. The annual levy is based on the tonnes of fish and BMS that you process for New Zealand and export markets. You can find further information about the rates and collection of the charge in this document.

Application of revised annual levies to primary processors of fish and bivalve molluscan shellfish

Other charges

There are some industry-wide services that you may also need to pay for. These include some, or all, of the following:

  • registration of your Risk Management Programme (RMP)
  • registration of your Food Control Plan (FCP)
  • verification or auditing of these programmes.

You can find information about these in the General requirements & programmes section of the website.

General Requirements and Programmes