Overview – Wine

If you make, export, import, verify or test grape or other wine for sale in New Zealand or for export, you need to meet Wine Act requirements. If you’re new, start here.

For the purposes of meeting Wine Act requirements, winemakers fall into 2 main groups:

  • grape winemakers
  • fruit wine, cider or mead makers.

You also need to meet food safety and other requirements if you do any of the following:

  • supply commodities to a winemaker
  • import wine
  • export wine.

Meeting the requirements

If you make, export, import, verify or test wine, the relevant legislation is as follows:

  • Wine Act 2003
  • Wine Regulations 2006
  • Wine (Specifications) Notice 2006
  • Wine (Recognised Agencies and Persons) Notice 2010
  • Wine (Laboratories Recognised for Export Testing Notice) 2011
  • Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code.

You can find out how to apply the legislation in this section of the site. You can find further help in guidance documents and other materials prepared by MPI. Industry organisations also offer support to members.

Wine Standards Management Plans (WSMPs) and Codes of Practice (COPs)

Winemakers usually demonstrate that they have met their legal requirements to provide safe and suitable wine through a registered WSMP. There are 2 COPs which help you to form part of a WSMP: one for grape wine and one for fruit wine, cider and mead. As part of the registration process, you need to engage a recognised person or 'verifier' who will come and check that you are complying with requirements under the Wine Act 2003.

What you will find here

The Wine section of the site is split into various sub-sections. Use the menu on the left to find your way around.

The information is divided so that you can find requirements for:

Making wine – Find out about requirements under the Wine Act that you need to meet, Standards that apply to your business, and how to develop and register your Wine Standards Management Plan (WSMP) using approved Codes of Practice (COPs).

Exporting wine – Find general requirements for record-keeping, testing and market access (OMARs) as well as requirements specific to New Zealand grape wine and fruit or vegetable wine, cider and mead.

Wine verification – Find out about getting your WSMP verified, the requirements to become a recognised person or 'verifier' and performing wine verification.

Laboratory testing for wine – Laboratories test water used in wine-making and undertake analysis of wine if it is an export requirement. Find out about testing and becoming a recognised laboratory.

Labelling & composition of wine – Learn about the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code requirements, country of origin labeling, the 85% rule and labeling requirements for export.

Supplying commodities for wine – If you are a commodity supplier, you do not need a WSMP, but you must keep records so your commodities can be traced. You must know about pesticides, contamination and other potential food safety hazards.

Importing wine – You need to be listed as an importer and meet requirements for labelling if you import wine into New Zealand.

Industry organisations – As well as New Zealand Winegrowers and Fruit Wine and Cider Makers of New Zealand, there are other organisations that support and advocate for the wine industry and government agencies that guide businesses through legal requirements.

Further sub-sections provide more generic information relevant to wine businesses.

  • Fees & charges – familiarise yourself with any service-related costs you may be required to pay to MPI.
  • Registers & lists – find access to registers and lists including recognised persons and agencies, laboratories for export wine analysis, the pesticide MRL database, lists of wine exporters and registered WSMPs.
  • Documents – find a full list of documents relating to Wine.
  • What's new – check here regularly for important updates relevant to food safety requirements for Wine.

Related information

Requirements specific to Wine are contained in this section. Make sure you also refer to general sections to find all the food safety requirements that you need to comply with.

General requirements & programmes 

Keeping up to date

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