Overview – Reform of New Zealand food regulations

This page offers an introduction to changes to the NZ food regulatory regime, and the information in this section. If you're new, start here.

About the reform of food regulations

The Food Act 2014 will replace the Food Act 1981 to introduce some fundamental changes to New Zealand's domestic food regulatory regime. The Food Act 2014 has come about through research, consultation and a legislative process conducted since 2003 as part of the Domestic Food Review – only the second review of the domestic food sector in over 30 years.

Through a risk-based approach, it seeks to:

  • clarify the role of regulators
  • remove the need for local bylaws, by having a single set of rules for training, registration and other food safety aspects
  • improve compliance and enforcement.

About 20 percent of the New Zealand workforce is involved in food-related work. These changes will help to manage food safety and suitability issues more effectively, improve certainty and aims to minimise compliance costs for many food businesses.

What you will find here

This section of the site is split into various sub-sections. Use the menu on the left to find your way around.

The information is divided so that you can find information about:

  • Domestic Food Review (DFR) – Since it began in 2003, the DFR has undertaken research and projects which have exposed a number of problems in New Zealand's current food regime.
  • The Food Act 2014 – A new regime which takes a risk-based approach to food safety.
  • Implementation the  Food Act 2014 – Find out about the 2 main risk-based measures in the Act and what MPI has done to prepare for their implementation, including the Voluntary Implementation Programme for food control plans.

Further sub-sections provide more generic information relevant to the Reform of New Zealand food regulations:

  • Documents – find a full list of documents relating to the Reform of New Zealand food regulations.
  • What’s new – check the page regularly for important updates relevant to Policy and law.

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