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30 March 2015

26 March 2015

  • New: ACVM News and Views, March 2015

    This ‘new look’ issue features ag chem labelling requirements, annual fees, applications, cost recovery, data assessors, data protection, patents, and VICH meetings.

24 March 2015

20 March 2015

18 March 2015

17 March 2015

13 March 2015

9 March 2015

  • Update: Animal Products (Honey and Honey Based Products - Food Standard Exemption) Notice

    This notice has been updated to allow foreign language labelling without English on the label conditional on a certified translation being available in records. Also included in this notice are country specific exemptions for the name and address of supplier on the label, with the country requirements that have to be met instead detailed in the schedule of the notice.

4 March 2015

3 March 2015

2 March 2015

16 February 2015

12 February 2015

9 February 2015

  • New: E-cert notifications

    Notification regarding changes that may impact on how you use Animal Products E-cert (AP E-cert). The web page has been updated to provide information regarding Release 11.2 (due for release in March - the exact date will be advised to all users).

5 February 2015