Password-protected documents

You need a password to see some pages on this website.

There are 2 types of passwords:

  • OMAR passwords
  • E-cert passwords.

OMAR passwords

OMARs are overseas market access requirements. Bilateral market access agreements can contain sensitive material and are therefore accorded a degree of confidentiality.

These documents include OMARs, OMAR notifications, TDs, GREX and FYIs ('For Your Information').

Access to these documents is restricted to:

  • New Zealanders registered with MPI under the Animal Products Act 1999 as:
    • exporters
    • operators
    • third party agencies or service providers.
  • Officials of the relevant importing countries.

To apply for an OMAR password, complete this form:

Application to view protected documents

E-cert passwords

To access the E-cert system, you need an E-cert password. You can't use your OMAR password for this.

To find out more about E-cert, or apply for an E-cert password, see the link below.

Getting access to E-cert