W10.1 Export of Wine: Specified Countries


Priority: Urgent
Distribution Security Level: (1)
Publication Ref: OMAR
For Enquiries Contact: Kate Smith, Programme Manager (Plant Products & Wine)

1 Statutory Authority

Under section 41(1) of the Wine Act 2003, I notify the following export requirements wine intended for export to Specified Countries entitled “W10/1 Export of Wine: Specified Countries”.

This notice takes effect from the date of signing.

Dated at Wellington this 19th day of March 2010.

Bill Jolly
Deputy Director (Export Standards)
New Zealand Food Safety Authority
(Acting under delegated authority)

2 Requirements

2.1 Wine exported to Argentina, Australia, Canada, Chile, USA, South Africa and Georgia must comply with the requirements of this notice.

2.2 In the case of the USA these requirements are in addition to the USA OMAR.

2.3 Wine must not be labelled as icewine, ice wine, ice-wine or similar variation thereof, unless the wine is made exclusively from grapes naturally frozen on the vine.

2.4 This notice takes effect for each country on the date specified in Annex I.

3 Definitions

3.1 For the purposes of this notice:

USA OMAR means the notice of 4 July 2007 entitled “United States of America: Amendment 0” and includes any subsequent amendment

3.2 Any term or expression that is defined in the Wine Act 2003 but is not defined in this document has the same meaning as in the Act.

Explanatory Note

Certain member countries of the World Wine Trade Group have signed an agreement on the requirements for wine labelling. Exporters will be notified of additional labelling requirements and dates of implementation for each country as they come to hand.

Annex I

Implementation dates for Specified Countries

Specified Country

Implementation date

United States of America

1 April 2010


1 April 2010


To follow


To follow


To follow


To follow

South Africa

To follow