Approved sellers of restricted veterinary medicines

Many veterinary medicines registered under the Agricultural Compounds and Veterinary Medicines (ACVM) Act 1997 have conditions restricting their sale, purchase and use. These products are ‘restricted veterinary medicines’ (RVMs).

RVM sellers must operate under an MPI-approved operating plan. (‘Operating plan’ is the term used to define the quality system and collection of documents, procedures etc used to control the sale of RVMs and comply with the conditions of registration for these products.)

Veterinarians who supply RVMs only in regard to authorisations issues by themselves or other veterinarians in the same veterinary practice are not required to have an MPI-approved operating plan.

To become an approved RVM seller, complete the Operating Plan Template for Sellers of RVMs. Alternatively, you may submit an operating plan in a different format, provided ACVM expectations for sellers of RVMs are met (see below).

As operating plans are approved, the RVM seller’s details are placed on our website list. If you need to know whether a company/individual that is not on this list can legally supply RVMs, contact us.

Guidance: Operating Plans for Restricted Veterinary Medicine Sellers

Operating Plan Template for Sellers of Restricted Veterinary Medicines

List of Sellers of Restricted Veterinary Medicines with an MPI approved Operating Plan