For your information (FYI) documents

For your information (FYI) documents provide guidance on exporting issues relating to animal products (such as meat, seafood, honey and dairy), plant products and wine. They should be read in conjunction with the OMAR or ICPR (Importing Countries Phytosanitary Requirement) for the related destination market(s)

FYI documents let exporters know quickly about unofficial information that could affect exports. The information in an FYI is not a legal requirement. If you rely on the information in FYIs, MPI will not accept liability for any resulting loss.

All current FYIs are listed on this web page. FYIs for animal products and wine are also listed on the relevant OMAR country/market pages.

FYIs are cancelled when they are superseded by another FYI or no longer apply. List of cancelled FYI

Publicly available FYIs

Some FYIs are publicly accessible and provide general market guidance on exporting issues for all exporters. Others provide specific guidance on exporting food to key markets like China, USA, Canada and Thailand.

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Password-protected FYIs

Most FYIs are password-protected because they contain commercially sensitive information. If you are involved in exporting animal products, you can apply to MPI for access using the following link.

Application to view protected documents

Current FYIs