Overseas Market Access Requirements (OMAR) notifications – animal products

Find recent or urgent OMAR notifications, including new Technical Directives (TDs) and General Requirements for Export (GREXs) for all animal products intended for export.

Using notifications

Listed on this page are OMAR notifications for animal products intended for export. You need to consult these to ensure you are using the most up-to-date requirements for the country or market you are exporting to. They apply only to animal products.

To view some of the OMAR notifications, Technical Directives (TD) and General Requirements for Export (GREX) you need a password. Those involved with exporting may apply to MPI for access.

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When OMAR notifications are cancelled

OMAR notifications are cancelled when they are superseded by another notification or by an OMAR. Find out more on the page, Cancelled OMAR notifications in the left-hand menu.

Current OMAR notifications – animal products


IDSubject TitleDate of Issue
19/015 China: Pet Food 26/04/2019
19/014 Singapore: Layer Farm Disease Freedom Requirements 11/04/2019
19/013 China: Fish Meal, Fish Oil and Other Aquatic Proteins Not Intended for Human Consumption 27/03/2019
19/011 Thailand: Food Quality Assurance System Certificates 1/03/2019
19/008 Philippines: Official Assurances and Cervine Meat and Co-Product Access 22/02/2019
19/007 Thailand: Animal Products Not Intended for Human Consumption 19/02/2019
19/006 India Mollusc Meal and Powder Certification 13/02/2019
19/004 Thailand: Honey Certification 29/01/2019
19/002 Thailand: Official Listing for Primary Processors of Meat and Meat Products 22/01/2019


IDSubject TitleDate of Issue
18/023 New Caledonia: Fish Oil for Animal Consumption 7/12/2018
18/022 UAE: Gulfood Exhibition 2019 food product samples 28/11/2018
18/020 China: STEC Testing and Control of Product Sampled for Residue Testing 20/11/2018
18/019 Export Certificates: Specified Markets 4/10/2018
18/018 Korea Certification: Fish and Fish Products 4/10/2018
18/017 Animal Product from RMP Operations: Specified Markets 4/10/2018
18/016 Registration Documents: Specified Countries 4/09/2018
18/006 Thailand: Changes to fish requirements 20/02/2018
18/005 China: Meat certification requirements 12/02/2018


IDSubject TitleDate of Issue
17/042 China - Frozen casings certification requirements 22/12/2017
17/039 Malaysia: Meat and Meat Products Halal Requirements 24/11/2017
17/038 China: Salted Casings Certification Requirements 22/11/2017
17/037 Thailand Dairy Product Registration 8/11/2017
17/035 Requirements for Milk and Milk Products Exported to Singapore for Onward Certification to China 16/10/2017
17/032 UAE: Halal certification scheme for meat 27/09/2017
17/031 Japan Certification of Milk Products 18/09/2017
17/030 Niue: Animal Products certification 4/09/2017
17/029 China; Suspension of Semi-Finished Bovine Blood Products 23/08/2017
17/028 China: Meat and meat products halal requirements 10/08/2017
17/025 Singapore: Requirements for the Export of Third-Country Porcine Meat Products for further processing in New Zealand for export to Singapore 26/07/2017
17/018 Alternative MPI certification 31/05/2017
17/006 Russia: Temporary suspension on import of beef and bovine offal 7/02/2017
17/004 Korea: Edible Eggs 31/01/2017


IDSubject TitleDate of Issue
16/033 Turkey: Hides and Skins 7/12/2016
16/032 Indonesia: Halal labelling of meat and meat products 18/11/2016
16/030 Korea certification: Dairy products for human consumption 25/10/2016
16/029 Indonesia: Meat Certification 20/10/2016
16/022 Korea: Specified animal products: Registration of manufacturing premises and standalone meat stores 16/08/2016
16/017 Korea: Official copy certificate for meat and meat products 29/07/2016
16/012 Canada: Halal Meat Exports 25/05/2016
16/010 USA: Grade 'A' Dairy Product Exports 13/05/2016
16/008 Iceland: Export Certificates 5/05/2016


IDSubject TitleDate of Issue
15/002 European Union: TRACES Pilot for Meat 23/01/2015


IDSubject TitleDate of Issue
14/032 Commonwealth of Independent States: Animal Products 1/10/2014
14/021 Bosnia and Herzegovina: Animal Products 12/06/2014
14/005 European Union: TRACES Pilot for Seafood 15/04/2014


IDSubject TitleDate of Issue
13/038 Indonesia: Products not intended for Food for Humans 9/10/2013
13/018 European Union and Ukraine: Catch Certificates 17/07/2013


IDSubject TitleDate of Issue
11/026 Ukraine: Animal Products 1/12/2011
11/023 Republic of Yemen Meat and Meat Products 30/09/2011
11/011 Macedonia: Animal Products 17/06/2011


IDSubject TitleDate of Issue
10/037 Korea: Certification for honey and honeycomb for human consumption 22/12/2010
10/023 Albania: Animal Material & Animal Product 6/07/2010
10/015 Requirements for Cloned Animals 11/05/2010


IDSubject TitleDate of Issue
09/038 Switzerland: Animal Material & Animal Product 24/11/2009
09/028 Bovine Taenia saginata examination procedures: specified countries 20/07/2009
09/027 Chile: Processed Wool Exports 3/06/2009
09/025 Yemen ? Dairy Products 3/06/2009
09/014 Dairy Products - Norway 11/03/2009


IDSubject TitleDate of Issue
08/036 Imported Animal Product Inspection Requirements 23/12/2008
08/035 Contaminant Requirements for Bee Products for Export 19/12/2008
08/026 Japan: Petfood certification 6/11/2008
08/023 Japan: Additional Avian Clause for Petfood 11/09/2008
08/020 Chile - Export of Ruminant Intestines 14/08/2008
D08/009 Chile - Dairy Listings 23/12/2008
08/009 Laboratory Approval 4/06/2008
D08/007 Certificate of Analysis for Melamine in Dairy Product 23/10/2008
08/003 Norway: Animal Material & Animal Products 19/03/2008


IDSubject TitleDate of Issue
06/029 European Union: Honey 1/09/2006
06/022 Korea: Export of Sliced Deer Velvet 21/07/2006


IDSubject TitleDate of Issue
04/062 Poultry Export Requirements (Gazette No.1367, published 28/10/04) 11/10/2004
04/058 Bovine Tuberculosis: Revised Requirements 11/08/2004


IDSubject TitleDate of Issue
03/033 Chile: Beef Cut Grading, Labelling, and Certification Requirements 19/03/2003
03/004 Chile: Hormonal Growth Promotants 9/01/2003


IDSubject TitleDate of Issue
02/124 Procedures for cattle from properties on the Taenia saginata disease surveillance Suspect List 19/12/2002
02/121 Hormonal Growth Promotants: Restricted Markets 18/12/2002
02/105 Inspection Requirements for Rabbits, Hares and Possums 8/11/2002
02/104 Operational Requirements for Rabbits, Hares and Possums 8/11/2002
02/076 Export Certification: Cascade Type Meat Meal Driers 2/08/2002
02/038 Loadout of Meat from Licensed/Approved Premises 24/04/2002
02/020 Chile: Listing of Premises - Meat and Meat Products and Game Meat and Game Meat Products 21/03/2002
02/018 Meat Meal: Export Certification 12/03/2002


IDSubject TitleDate of Issue
01/198 Regulatory Requirements: Specifications Clarifications; Complaints and Appeals Procedure: Animal Products Act 1999 (APA) and Meat Act 1981 21/12/2001
01/172 Import of Foreign Animal Material and Animal Products and Return To New Zealand of New Zealand Animal Material and Animal Products For Domestic Use or Export. (Note: clauses 4 and 5 amended by 08/036) 7/11/2001
01/152 Surveillance of Water 1/10/2001
01/111 Circular 89/MQ/76: Surveillance of Potable Water in Meat & Game Export Premises 11/07/2001
01/040 Shellfish Lot Numbering Systems 14/03/2001


IDSubject TitleDate of Issue
00/090 Labelling of Animal Materials and Animal Products 25/07/2000
00/081 Post Slaughter Management; Un-Validated Refrigeration Rooms or Processes 30/06/2000
00/065 Post Slaughter Management ? Process Hygiene Index (PHI) 12/05/2000
00/041 Control of Brands, Seals and Legend Bearing Packaging Materials in Export Establishments 27/03/2000
00/037 ASURE NZ: Quality System 20/03/2000
00/018 Absence of the Mandatory Inspection Service During Slaughter or Processing 24/02/2000


IDSubject TitleDate of Issue
99/205 New Zealand Standard: Inspection and processing of Deer Pizzles, Tails, Sinews, Testicles and Velvet 2/12/1999
99/190 General Requirements for the Export of Meat, Game, Poultry and their Products 29/10/1999
99/168 New Zealand Standard - Carcass Detain Facilities 4/10/1999
99/125 Export of Crab, Paua and Kina - Biotoxin Requirements 5/08/1999