Overseas Market Access Requirements (OMARs)

Get access to all OMARs for countries and markets that New Zealand has negotiated agreements with.

For information about OMARs – what they are and when you use them – refer to the Market access (OMARs/FYIs) page in the left-hand menu or the exporting information relevant to your food sector.

Food sectors

Finding an OMAR

Countries and markets that have agreements with New Zealand for products entering their borders are listed in the box below.

Select a market using the dropdown arrow on the right and choose the country or market you are exporting to. On each country’s page you can navigate to relevant OMARs for animal products, dairy, wine or organic products by using the left-hand menu.


Important notes:

  1. Some OMAR requirements are password-protected (password) as they may contain market-sensitive material. Those involved with exporting may apply to MPI for access.
    About password-protected documents
  2. If you cannot find the market you are looking for, then no specific requirements have been negotiated with MPI at this time. It is your responsibility to check and comply with any requirements for markets not covered by an existing OMARs
  3. OMARs may be added or updated from time to time. We recommend you sign up to receive Exporting updates by email.
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