Overseas Market Access Requirements

Search and view Overseas Market Access Requirements (OMARs) for your destination market.

OMARs set out destination market or country requirements you need to meet when exporting. Their purpose is to facilitate access to overseas markets for New Zealand exporters.

Before you export your products (including trade samples), you need to check the current requirements. You are responsible for ensuring that your products comply with New Zealand requirements (including general requirements for export covering things like labelling, seals, storage etc) and any relevant OMARs and OMAR notifications.

Getting access to OMARs

In most cases, you require a password to view OMARs because they contain commercially sensitive material. You do not need a password to view OMARs for wine or organic products. If you are involved in exporting animal products, you can apply to MPI for access using the following link.

Application to view protected documents

Search OMARs

Select the destination market in the search box below. On each country page you can view the relevant OMARs (also OMAR notifications and FYI documents) for animal products, dairy products, wine or organic products by using the left-hand menu.


Click on the link below to view OMARs for live animals and germplasm:

OMARs for live animals and germplasm

Markets not covered by OMARs

If you wish to export products to countries not listed, it is your responsibility to check and comply with destination market requirements. You should work with an overseas agent or importer to get advice on regulations or requirements set by your destination market.

Find exporting information specific to your export products in the section for your sector

OMAR notifications

OMAR notifications are used for urgent product or market-specific requirements. They should be read in conjunction with the OMAR for the related destination market(s).

To view current and cancelled OMAR notifications, click on OMAR notifications in the left-hand menu. In most cases, you require a password to view OMAR notifications.

When an OMAR for a particular market is updated, the relevant OMAR notifications are incorporated. When an OMAR notification has been incorporated into an OMAR, it is cancelled.

For Your Information (FYI) documents

For your information (FYI) documents provide guidance on exporting issues relating to animal products, plant products, food and wine. The information in an FYI is not a legal requirement established by MPI.

To view current and cancelled FYIs, click on For Your Information (FYI) documents in the left-hand menu. In most cases, you require a password to view FYI documents.

How to keep up-to-date

Market access requirements are continually changing. If you sign up to receive exporting updates, you will be notified by email when there are changes to OMARs and when OMAR notifications and FYI documents are published. Click on the link below. Select “Animal products exports (including dairy)” under Email Update topics.

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