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Check the Overseas Market Access Requirements (OMARs) for your export product and destination.

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Countries and markets that have agreements with New Zealand for products entering their borders are listed in the box below. Some OMARs are password-protected (null) as they may contain market-sensitive material.

Select a market using the dropdown arrow on the right and choose the country or market you are exporting to. On each countryโ€™s page you can navigate to relevant OMARs for animal products, dairy, wine or organic products by using the left-hand menu.


Apply for an OMAR password

In some cases, you need a password to view OMARs because they contain commercially sensitive material. This applies particularly to OMARs for animal products. You do not require a password to view OMARs for wine or organic products.

You can only get access to these documents if you are:

  • a New Zealander registered with MPI under the Animal Products Act 1999 as:
    • an exporter
    • an operator
    • a third party agency or service providers
  • an official of the relevant importing countries.

To apply for an OMAR password, complete this form:

Application to view protected documents

If there is no OMAR for your destination

If you cannot find the market you are looking for, then no specific requirements have been negotiated with MPI at this time. It is your responsibility to check and comply with any requirements for markets not covered by an existing OMARs.

OMAR notifications

OMAR notifications are used for urgent product or country-specific requirements. They also include General Requirements for Export (GREXs), which set out general requirements to ensure that animal products are eligible for export.

When you sign up to receive exporting email updates, if you check the animal products box in the sign up form, you'll receive OMAR and FYI notifications.

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Updating OMARs

When an OMAR for a particular country is updated, relevant notifications are incorporated. When a notification has been incorporated into an OMAR, it is cancelled and recorded on the list of cancelled notifications. You require a password to view most OMAR notifications.

Current OMAR notifications

Cancelled OMAR notifications


For your information (FYI) documents are intended as guidance on exporting meat, seafood, honey, dairy and other animal products. The information in an FYI is not a legal requirement established by MPI. Some are password protected.

Current FYIs

Cancelled FYIs