Overseas Market Access Requirement

OMAR 01/040 - Shellfish Lot Numbering Systems

Seafood Overseas Market Access Requirements Priority:  Normal
Contact for Queries: Programme Manager (Animal Products) File:  S025-015
Date:  14 March 2001 (1) Publication Ref:  OMAR  00/32 OAP


1 Statutory Authority
Under section 60 of the Animal Products Act 1999, I notify the following overseas market access requirements entitled "01/40 Shellfish Lot Numbering Systems".

This notice takes effect from date of signing.

Dated at Wellington this 14th day of March 2001.


John Lee
Programme Manager (Animal Products)
(Acting under delegated authority)

2 Requirements for Shellfish Lot Numbering Systems
2.1 All operators who wish to use lot numbers only on eligibility documents and export certificates must ensure they have a unique lot numbering system in place which provides traceability back to specific leases/licences/permits/vessel permit numbers and shellfish growing areas for each harvest date.
2.2 Product labels will also need to include the unique lot number in addition to any information currently required by existing specifications.
2.3 Authorised signatories and official signatories must ensure that eligibility documents and official export certificates for countries, other than those referred to in OMAR 01/39, include the relevant unique lot numbers and associated packing dates.
3 Definitions
3.1 For the purposes of this document:

export certificate is the form of an official assurance determined by the Director-General pursuant to section 62 of the Act

shellfish means bivalve molluscan shellfish.

3.2 Any term or expression that is defined in the Animal Products Act 1999 and used but not defined in this document has the same meaning as in this Act.

Explanatory note

OMAR 00/32 Bivalve Molluscan Export Certificates, required the following details:

  • The date of harvest
  • The marine farm licence or lease number or the shore fishing permit number or the vessel fishing permit number or area number
  • The certificate shall clearly show separate lease/licences/permits/area numbers with the appropriate prefix for each harvest date, and the growing area number (GA). Where several lease/licence/permit/area numbers relate to the same growing area, these may be grouped under one GA number.

MAF Food has been able to establish that the level of detail formerly required by the now cancelled OMAR 00/32 is now only required by the countries identified in OMAR 01/39. In order to provide traceability in lieu of this detail unique lot numbering systems are necessary. Eligibility documents and official export certificates must contain these unique lot numbers as a minimum to meet the need for traceability.

The use of the lot numbering system option outlined in this OMAR is strongly recommended in order to facilitate the use of E-cert and reduce the amount of detail which is currently being placed on eligibility documents and certificates