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Updated 19 April 2021 at 01:40:03 AM

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Fluid Chemicals NZ Limited

PO Box 201185, Auckland Airport, AUCKLAND, Phone 0274036050

Compound nameDescriptionApproval codeApproval date
2690 Acid Rust RemoverRust and Scale RemoverC 312019-12-02
3110 TangoHand CleanerC 522015-10-21
4610 ViperLaundry DetergentC 332018-10-19
5622 CIP CleanerCleanerC 382018-10-31
5710 Hi-AlkCleanerC 312019-12-05
5976 Transform CIP CleanerCleanerC 382018-10-31
ACID NPCIP CleanerC 382018-07-23
Advance - Laundry Sour and ConditionerLaundry CompoundC 332020-03-18
AlsanHand Cleaner SanitiserC 542018-07-02
Applied 3210 SynergyLaundry CompoundC 332018-10-23
Applied Powder ChlorDishwashing CleanerC 312020-02-25
Aquamix 10Floor CleanerC 322020-02-03
Aquamix 3Toilet CleanerC 322018-03-13
Aquamix 6Cleaner SanitiserC 322019-11-21
Aquamix 7Cleaner SanitiserC 322019-12-09
Aquamix 9Laundry DetergentC 332020-11-17
BRMNeutral CleanerC 312021-02-18
Bulldog GoldCleanerC 322017-09-11
CIP CL25Alkaline CleanerC 382017-09-12
CLEAR BLUHand SoapC 512017-09-28
Clearsan FoamHand SanitiserC 512021-03-19
Complete CIP CleanerCleanerC 312018-10-30
CWDDetergentC 312021-02-03
Escort PlusLaundry CompoundC 332018-10-31
ExtendAlkaline CleanerC 382018-10-23
F690 Strip CleanCleanerC 252016-11-02
FameAcidic DetergentC 312018-10-30
FS Formula 6010CleanerC 382015-11-04
GlobalCleanerC 382019-12-05
Grid Iron GelHeavy Duty CleanerC 322019-04-17
HDQCHeavy Duty CleanerC 382018-10-30
IMPROVE 5-850Heavy Duty CleanerC 382019-07-30
Kill and CoverDeodoriserC 1022019-12-02
Lemon DetergentDetergentC 322018-07-24
LT ECO WASH Laundry PowderLaundry PowderC 332018-05-22
Magnum 5328Laundry CompoundC 332018-11-02
Peach GritHand CleanerC 512017-09-28
PROSOLVLaundry CompoundC 332019-03-05
Protecta FoamChlorinated Foam CleanerC 382018-11-02
PuresanSanitiserC 1042020-08-31
PuresanSanitiserC 232020-08-31
PuresanSanitiserC 432020-08-31
PureSanSanitiserC 512020-04-30
PuresanSanitiserC 612020-08-31
QuestAlkaline CleanerC 382017-09-19
RapsodyCleaner DegreaserC 312021-02-03
RaptorAlkaline CleanerC 382018-02-28
Resiquat 3374SanitiserC 432020-01-06
RH CLEANCleanerC 322017-08-17
RinconCleaner SanitiserC 312019-12-05
Rip OffAll Purpose CleanerC 312020-10-20
Safe and SimpleCleanerC 322019-12-05
Secret AgentCleanerC 322019-07-02
SoftklenzHand WashC 512018-11-02
Sparkles 3925Body WashC 522018-10-23
SUPER MIX 6CleanerC 322018-10-23
Supermix 10Machine Dishwashing DetergentC 312017-09-11
Supermix 1SanitiserC 432018-10-30
Supermix 2CleanerC 382018-10-30
Supermix 3CleanerC 312018-10-30
Supermix 4CleanerC 312018-10-30
Supermix 5Window CleanerC 352019-12-05
Supermix 7CleanerC 382018-10-30
Supermix 8Rinse AidC 312018-10-30
Supermix 9Oven CleanerC 322018-11-02
Take OffAlkaline CleanerC 382018-10-30
TCQ Twin Chain QuatSanitiserC 432016-11-23
Tiger PlusChlorinated Foam CleanerC 382019-05-13