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Updated 13 July 2024 at 01:40:23 AM

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Petro-Canada Lubricants Inc

2310 Lakeshore Road West, Mississauga, Ontario L5J 1K2, Canada, Phone 905 804 4714

Compound nameDescriptionApproval codeApproval date
Hydrex AW 32LubricantC 132022-04-05
Hydrex AW 46LubricantC 132022-04-05
Hydrex AW 68LubricantC 132022-04-05
PURITY FG AW Hydraulic Fluid 32,46, 68, 100LubricantC 152023-03-10
Purity FG Chain Fluid HeavyLubricantC 152020-12-21
Purity FG Chain Fluid LightLubricantC 152020-12-21
Purity FG Compressor Fluid (32, 46, 68, 100)LubricantC 152020-12-21
Purity FG EP Gear Fluid (100, 150, 220, 320, 460)LubricantC 152020-12-21
Purity FG Heat Transfer FluidLubricantC 152020-12-21
Purity FG SprayLubricantC 152020-12-21
Purity FG Synthetic 100 FluidLubricantC 152020-12-21
Purity FG Synthetic 46LubricantC 152020-12-21
Purity FG Trolley Fluid 46LubricantC 152019-12-10
Purity FG with Microl MaxLubricantC 152020-12-21
Purity FG WO White Mineral Oil 10, 40LubricantC 152020-12-21
Purity FG WO White Mineral Oil 15, 35, 90LubricantC 152020-12-21
Purity FG00LubricantC 152018-11-09
Purity FG1LubricantC 152018-11-09
Purity FG2 ClearLubricantC 152018-11-09
Purity FG2 ExtremeLubricantC 152018-11-09
Purity FG2 Synthetic HeavyLubricantC 152018-11-09
Purity FG2 SyntheticLubricantC 152018-11-09
Purity FG2 with Microl Max SprayLubricantC 152018-11-09
Purity FG2LubricantC 152018-11-09
Reflo 68ALubricantC 132023-10-26