Raw Milk RCS - Farm Dairy Operator

A registered Farm Dairy Operator is a person producing and processing Regulated Control Scheme (RCS) raw milk for the purpose of sale. Farm Dairy Operators must be registered under the Raw Milk for Sale to Consumers Regulations 2015.

Last updated 10 June 2023 at 02:09:08 AM

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IdentifierFarm Dairy OperatorPhysical AddressSpeciesVerification AgencyDay-to-day ManagerStatusRegistration DateExpiry Date
FD000037 ADOS Limited trading as Three Oaks Organic Farm 141 Aranui Road, Kairanga PALMERSTON NORTH 4475 Cows AsureQuality Limited Administration Active 21/04/2023 22/03/2024
FD000038 Andrew Faith & Stacey Faith trading as Faith Farm Fresh 843 State Highway 1 TE HORO 5581 Cows AsureQuality Limited Farm Owner Active 4/12/2019 4/12/2023
FD000007 Aylesbury Creamery 2023 Limited 862 Aylesbury Road, Kirwee CHRISTCHURCH Cows AsureQuality Limited Operations Manager Active 31/10/2016 31/10/2024
FD000013 Beach Road Milk Co Limited 33 Beach Road, Omata NEW PLYMOUTH Cows AsureQuality Limited Owner/Director Active 17/10/2016 17/10/2024
FD000029 Buttercup Dairies Limited 124 Hauraki Road THAMES Cows AsureQuality Limited Owner- Business Manager Active 20/09/2017 20/09/2023
FD000028 Dairy Horizons Limited trading as Farm Fresh South 1324 Woodlands Invercargill Highway INVERCARGILL Cows AsureQuality Limited Owner/Director Active 19/09/2017 19/09/2023
FD000005 Drury Church Trust 13 Sutton Road DRURY 2113 Cows MPI Verification Services Farm Manager Active 17/10/2016 17/10/2024
FD000006 Edo and Anita Mooij trading as Okoia Valley Milk 711 No 3 Line WANGANUI Cows AsureQuality Limited Owner/Operator Active 7/03/2019 31/10/2024
FD000010 Geoff and Sandra Rountree trading as Cavan Farm Fresh Milk 56 Ashley Gorge Road, RD 1 OXFORD Cows AsureQuality Limited Farm Owners Active 23/06/2021 23/06/2023
FD000011 Geoffrey Robert and Beth Isobel Henderson trading as Henderson Dairy 926 Waipahi Highway GORE Cows AsureQuality Limited Owner/partner Active 13/10/2016 13/10/2024
FD000027 Hillcrest Farms Limited trading as Dreamview Creamery 430 Te Hutewai Road, RD 2 RAGLAN Cows AsureQuality Limited Creamery Manager Active 19/09/2017 19/09/2023
FD000031 Humpbridge Milk Limited trading as Humpbridge Milk 161 Pokuru Road, RD 5 TE AWAMUTU Cows AsureQuality Limited Manager Active 5/12/2019 26/07/2024
FD000036 Jody Cudmore trading as CJ's Fresh Milk 26 North Beach Road, Cobden GREYMOUTH 7802 Cows AsureQuality Limited Business Owner Active 8/10/2019 8/10/2023
FD000039 Kirbydale Farms Limited trading as Otago Fresh Milk 5490 Hampden Palmerston Road PALMERSTON 9482 Cows AsureQuality Limited Company Director Active 7/07/2020 7/07/2024
FD000017 Kotare Station Limited trading as Northland Raw Milk 24 Jackson Road, RD 2 OKAIHAU Cows AsureQuality Limited Farm Manager Active 28/02/2018 21/11/2024
FD000040 Lindsay Farm HB Limited 601 Lindsay Road WAIPUKURAU Cows AsureQuality Limited Director Active 20/08/2021 7/09/2024
FD000041 Peter James Hansen trading as Fernside Fresh Milk 492 Oxford Road, Fernside RANGIORA 7471 Cows AsureQuality Limited Manager Active 20/12/2022 26/08/2024
FD000022 Riverside Community Trust Board trading as Riverside Milk 289 Main Road LOWER MOUTERE Cows AsureQuality Limited Farm Manager Active 1/07/2019 10/03/2025
FD000003 Stephen Barr trading as Arran Trust 309 Taonui Road FEILDING Cows AsureQuality Limited Owner Active 27/09/2016 27/09/2024
FD000015 Stuart Craig and Andrea Kaye Weir trading as Real Milk Timaru 22 Fairview Road, RD 2 TIMARU 7972 Cows AsureQuality Limited Owner/Manager Active 12/12/2022 13/10/2024
FD000018 Tai Tapu Milk Company Limited 573 Old Tai Tapu Road, RD 2 CHRISTCHURCH Cows AsureQuality Limited Owner Active 2/08/2022 2/08/2024
FD000002 The Good Farm Limited trading as The Good Farm 512 Welcome Bay Road, Welcome Bay, RD 5 TAURANGA Cows MPI Verification Services Director Active 21/08/2019 21/08/2023
FD000042 Westhaven Farms 2012 Limited trading as Dolly's Milk Stratford 297 Warwick Road, RD 21 STRATFORD Cows AsureQuality Limited Owner/Operator Active 10/10/2022 10/10/2024