Export Approved Premises

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  • Animal fibre
  • Hides and skins
  • Game trophies
  • Marine shells
  • Scientific material
  • Other

An export approved premises is:

  1. any premises approved under the Animal Products (Export Approved Premises) Notice 2011 (74 KB PDF) . These premises are included in the Export Approved Premises list which can be searched from this page using the search facility below.
  2. any premises where animal material or product not for human or animal consumption is processed under a registered risk management programme (RMP), or regulated control scheme, and an official assurance will be required for that animal material or product.

Not all Animal Products Act processing operations (excluding dairy) are contained in this list. Other processing operations can be found in: the Limited Processing Fishing Vessel register (certain fishing vessels); animal products (excluding dairy) Risk Management Programmes, and dairy lists for dairy Risk Management Programmes, dairy Manufactures and dairy Stores and Transport