Dairy specialists and farm dairy assessors

Links to Recognised dairy evaluators and verifiers are below:

Last updated: 29 June 2017 at 02:01:30 a.m.

John Michael Shepherd SHEPHERD17 C/- AsureQuality Limited 19-23 Coquet Street Oamaru 027 297 0818 john.shepherd@asurequality.com Raw milk RCS (farms)
Kara Holmes HOLMESKF17 c/o Quality Consultants New Zealand Limited 62 Wake Street, Chartwell Hamilton 07 854 9142 kara@qconz.co.nz Raw milk RCS (farms)
Neville Ranger RANGER17 C/- AsureQuality Limited 187 Palmerston Street, Westport 03 7888 130 neville.ranger@asurequality.com Raw milk RCS (farms)
Nicholas Tony Drinnan DRINNAN1 C/- AsureQuality Limited Unit 1, 6H Sir Willaim Pickering Drive, Christchurch (021) 906 255 nicholas.drinnan@asurequality.com Raw milk RCS (farms)
Steven Richard Sharman SHARMAN17 C/- AsureQuality Limited 14 Waiau Street Gore 027 4660244 steve.sharman@asurequality.com Raw milk RCS (farms)